KC's Big Dipper closed permanently on September 20, 2015

Dear Customers,

Over ten years ago we decided to provide frozen custard to the Winter Haven community.  There wasn't an actual frozen custard shop anywhere in the area, and we decided to fill the void.  Our effort was successful - we provided a quality product for the community.  And, in the process of operating our business, we made a ton of new friends along the way.

Time changes lots of things.  It has aged us, and we have realized that now is the time for us to scale back and begin burning the candle at only one end.

Closing our business is certainly an emotional event in our lives, but we are so grateful for the many fond memories and friends that we have made.

I thank you for supporting us.


For those who may be looking for a real frozen custard shop in the area, I've been told that Culvers of Clermont, Florida, may be the nearest one.   Here is a link to their website.